Brazilian footwear is known all around the world. As the 4th major producer and one of the biggest markets of the world, Brazil has a diversity of great national brands and an enormous variety of lines, styles and designers.

Brazilian sandals, sneakers, boots and dress shoes run around the world and achieve more and more international market share, expressing modern and innovative designers made in different parts of Brazil and highlighting important production centers. 

Franca (SP), Jaú (SP), Sobral (CE), Campina Grande (PB), Nova Serrana (MG), São João Batista (SC) e Vale dos Sinos (RS) are the main production cities, concentrating the significantly part o of Brazilian Footwear manufacturers and contributing to Brazilian brand to achieve new markets around the world. 

United States, Argentina, France, Germany and Paraguay are the main importers of Brazilian footwear. Besides their differences and singularities, all these countries share the same passion for our shoes.Come and get to know a bit more of our production and fall in love with Made in Brazil shoes.